Does the word “FAT”offend you?

How many women have been told something that they think is offensive, have been mocked or laughed at for some reason? Surely it has happened to a lot of us once in a while. I am talking about when women are called "fat", many celebrities are fighting back these days when they are body shamed […]

Hard Candy Launches two new Fragrances!

HARD CANDY LAUNCHES NEW FRAGRANCES– PINK AND BLACK –Eau de Parfum and Body MistsInspired by a Blend of Memories, Trendiness and Fun (New York, NY – July 2017) – Hard Candy, the wildly successful cosmetic brand sold exclusively at Walmart, reveals the launch of its signature fragrance and body mist.  Hard Candy Eau De Parfum, is […]

Are you Perfect?

Many people think that one body type is the ideal one and that others are not good enough.The fashion industry and the media sometimes contribute to this and so do some of us. No one is perfect, perfection does not exist and that is a fact! There are a lot of stereotypes and standards that […]