Finding My #DreamFit at Walmart

Finding my Dreamfit at Walmart!



Being a curvy girl on a budget is a struggle because clothing can cost a bit more for us who are more curvy. For example I can go into any store and find a bra in a size 34 B or C and guarantee you it’s going to be under $20 bucks. But when I try to took for my size 44DD I usually never find it and if I do it costs an arm and a leg. So when DreamFit contacted me about their affordable lines of bras at Walmart targeted for the curvy figure I was ecstatic to share their line with you fellow budgetnista’s! 

They sent me an awesome swag bag with their message all over the items “Hello Beautiful” !  Dreamfit offers 6  fabulous assortment of bras that are super comfortable, fashionable, gives you support and for an amazing value $11.44. 

I don’t know if ya’ll understand the struggle to find a good quality bra especially when you are on a McDonald’s budget. I’m use to paying 60 bucks for one bra and If I do end up getting more than one it’s always on sale with not many choices.

Since these bra’s are so affordable and they have so many choices I picked up a few that I liked. They had actually had printed bra’s, I’m use to taupe, black and white bra’s as my only choices.

I picked up a cute convertible balconette and a back smoothing t-shirt bra. I’m so excited I was introduced to this line now I can wear cute comfortable bra’s and not break the bank. 

Check out DreamFit’s website and let me know which one you would purchase and what style you like! 

Enter for your chance to win 1 (of 4) $250 Walmart gift cards! Plus, 10 beautiful winners will win the DreamFit® bra of their choice! Enter here!

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