Exclusive Photo of Designer Suzanne Ujaques shoot

When Jewelry Designer Suzanne Ujaque announced she was doing a shoot with her beautiful designs and was complementing the shoot with the amazing Twentyfour20 Designs by Allsion McGevna I was so excited.


I love the Bisuteria Suzu Jewelry line the pieces are just beautiful, the precious stones, acrylic, leather and vintage pieces she has are incredible, and what can I say about Twentyfour 20 designs.



I LOVE THEM…they are sexy, classy and fabulous. I have obtained an exclusive pic of the shoot that I had to share from photographer Hector Castillo. The black dress and bracelet are just one of my favorite pieces of each designer.



As soon as the whole shoot is released Designer Suznne Ujaque will be blogging about the shoot at http://su-style.com/ so stay tuned for that.

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