Feeling like a kid on Christmas Morning thanks to RocksBox!

Have you heard of RocksBox? It’s a subscription based service that provides jewelry when you do a quick style survey on their website.  They connect you with items that are relevant to your personal style. Which is so awesome, I really do love this service, and want to explain a bit how it works.

rocksbox First you go on their website and register to an account, they ask you do a quick survey about your style. Then they will fashion the box in what you would typically wear isn’t that pretty cool! You can experiment with the latest designer look and only buy what you love.


I received a cute box filled with designer goodies, which retail from $40-$200 dollars. One of the amazing things about this service is that you can switch out as many times as you like. If you don’t like the box you can send it back free of charge, free shipping both ways. Also if it breaks while it’s with you they will replace it, just send it back to them. If you like what you received you have the chance to buy these designer pieces for a member price.


In my box I received three amazing pieces , it was wrapped beautifully and came in perfect condition. I love the fact that Rocksbox always surprises us with all these different unique jewelry. You know that feeling you get when you were a little kid on Christmas morning and you have no idea whats in the wrapped boxes and once you open your like this is what I always wanted!? Yeah, that’s the feeling you get when you open your first,second,third etc Rocksbox.


It’s a pleasant surprise every time you dig into the box!  This would be a great gift for someone, they offer gift subscriptions too. Wouldn’t that be an amazing gift, giving someone the option to test out three pieces of designer jewelry and they can choose to keep the item or return it for a new set.


The Monthly membership fee is $19/month, $17/mo for 6 months, or $15/mo for a year. You also get to keep the box for 60 days! Say what!? With these options it’s very affordable and you can cancel whenever you like, and they will refund you the remaining left of your membership. You can also receive credits for your purchase by referring friends or family and also by sharing photos of you wearing your jewelry on Instagram or FaceBook and tagging Rocksbox. If you would like more info about Rocksbox click here.

*This product (subscription for RocksBox) was provided through IFabbo for review purposes only, all my opinions are 100 honest and contains referral links*

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