Hey Do Ya Know _Plus Size is In!! :)

Ok everyone is like <no it’s not it’s unhealthy and disgusting>!!!! 🙁

Hold on who made u supreme ruler to say what is disgusting or not…. being “heavy-set” is not a crime at all… and not every person who is plus sized to b or so called “over weight” or whatever. im no doctor but i do not think it something to look down on.. You can still b plus-sized and healthy <i am> i eat everything that is considered healthy but the occasionally slip ups happen we are human after all lol 🙂

i don’t bout ya otha plus-sized gals like me, u can’t really find stylish clothing..

well i found some great stores that i will list below and hopefully ur find wat ya lookin 4 i did 🙂

www.bandlu.com Luv the site great choices….

or www.torrid.com awesome

www.lanebryant.com        rad

and even www.hottopic.com has some great things…

Here is a great role model… She is so awesome she is an advocate for fashion Hella Yea!!!   type in the net and ur’ll see what i mean….

Velvet D’Amour!

Velvet D'Amour
Velvet D

& M’oniquie

Lindsay Hollister

& Raven & Jennifer hudson are all role models to me

.. u don’t always have to look like twiggy to fit in…

Till lata


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Hey it’s been a while but here is some new do’s i luv and sure u will(I hope) ;)

Here is a hairstyle i love the Hippie hair style.. I think this hairstyle is so easy to do!

1st you Flat iron ur hair!!!!!>>>>>> 2nd Dance it out just kidding but if ya want 2 go ahead lol 😉

Then just part it e  on hside and swoop it over. then jus put ur fav elastic band over ur hair. just like it shows above. 🙂 and there you go hippie hairstyle (channel he inner hippie) lol

Also i luv the Scene Hair!! Awesome 😉 Here is a pick below

Love i.. just look at it’s rockin 🙂 thanks to Hairscene.net found some great tips there….

This style is very popular in females, alot of this style is to do with the cut as is clear to see, but for the most part it is backcombing your hair on the top and using hairspray to keep it in place, remeber to straighten before. A hairband is then placed between the fringe and top hair to enchance the messy hair on top.

This style is very easy, a good brush and so hairspray gently styled. Again the style has alot to do with the cut. and finally the so called emo cut..

Love it it’s kinda of similar to the scene just as frilled up.. and u just flat iron and swipe to the side easy as that if ya have bangs it’s easy.. but if ya don’t have any suggest u do if ya want the same look 😉

Will post soon 😉

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Here is sum new Musica im listening to now 😉

Cupid’s Chokehold-Gym Class Heroes


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You won’t belive this…

Ok i was browsin some sites and i stumbled upon a article on (ready 4 this)

Contacts that Let u look EMO!! OK i know doesn’t make sense i was the same way.

I checked it and it’s so weird the guy who made it is Dutch designer Eric Klarenbeek created this product that gives you the appearance of crying (weird) but anyway, the crystal tears are attached to the contact that goes in your eye by a thin wire which you do not feel at all, and when u blink no u will not feel it at all it moves wit ya.. So i saw the vid and it looked like it hurts. But thats my opinion,and it all can be yours for only $270.00

Here is a close up of the small pic!

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.711480&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

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Have you heard of…….

Tokio Hotel? No u haven’t heard of them well first of all u should b ashamed of urself lol..

Ok Tokio Hotel is one of the hottest bands out there they rock!! there sound is totally different then what u hear!!!all the time. and they have a good sense of sytle!!! plus they r German and they sound great in English but better in German.. (that’s my opinion)take a listen!!!

Tokio Hotel _ Monsoon click here to listen

Listen to the german version here!

Tokio hotel _ Durch Den Monsun Click here to listen

There myspace is Myspace.com/tokiohotel

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