Fibi & Clo of New york: Chic Sandals for any occasion

Hello Dolls, I wanted to share with you a fabulous company who makes these super blinged out sandals. Fibi & Clo was Founded Summer 2009, they offer shoes and accessories at prices gals can’t resist. I was so excited when I was sent a pair to review. They are oh so comfortable and super sparkly. I instantly fell in love with […]

Preventing Germs in your home with Kleenex #SharetheSoft

It’s that time again, Sniffles, runny noses, itchy eyes. Dare I say it?…….Flu and Allergy season. Dun Dun Dun…….As an allergy sufferer I feel your pain and I am always looking for ways to prevent allergies,colds or flu’s in my home. I First like to disinfect my home with a disinfectant, and make sure I […]

Revista INtense publica su primer editorial plus!!

La Revista Internacional INtense pone su primer editorial plus en la revista de marzo-abril 2013. Queremos compartir un emotivo mensaje de su presidenta la Dra. Mercedes Morales Carrion hablando sobre el editorial!! PORQUE LAS MUJERES CON CURVAS SON BELLAS. Cuando mi esposo, Luis Carrión, me comentó acerca de Ana, fui de inmediato a ver sus […]