Spotlight Designer: Jockabed Soto Muñiz

Who doesn’t love to own a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry? I found an amazing Jewelry Designer named Jockabed Soto Muñiz from Puerto Rico owner of Soleils Kreations, she was born in Aguadilla PR and has a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology(2000) with a Medical Technology certification(2007).


She has been designing jewelry for more than 15 years, at first it was a hobby and personal enjoyment, but the passion for design was so strong that it turned into a professional career. After a metals craftsmanship course with designer Denise Elizabeth in PR she refined her skills and gave her passion an expression outlet. Being the daughter of a Master Model Maker of the jewelry industry and the niece of an art teacher she likes to think that she has been bestowed with generational passion and skills.


As a jeweler her approach is unconventional. Her creations are made to be a wearable pieces of art, unique and exquisite, no creations are alike. Most of her creations are inspired by the Amoeba her distinctive patterns and rare shapes are captivating and translate into beautiful designs. Another of this designers many inspirations takes the form of a puzzle pieces, she has a personal attachment to this expression, they remind her of her son and all the kids that struggle with autism.


As unique as each puzzle piece is so are each and every one of these kids, it makes Soto proud as a mother to wear these pieces because it gives her the opportunity to educate people about autism and let them know how special each one is. Soleils Kreations was created 12 years ago with the birth of her beautiful daughter Soleil. “”She is my best collaborator, friend and assistant.

ss4Our logo is an original design by her.” Soleils Kreation’s collections of distinctive handcrafted designer jewelry include beautiful one of a kind pieces designed to set the wearer apart from the crowd.


Whether classic, contemporary, rustic or bohemian, each piece is unique, meticulously handcrafted and made from top quality materials. Her designs also include unique clutch purses, makeup bags and bandanas. She owns an Etsy store where you can find the beautiful designs and in PR they can be found at Artesanias 203 in Calle San Justo in Old San Juan. Check out her creations here….

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Marta Rivera is a blogger from Puerto Rico, she is an English professor and a Plus Size advocate on the Island, an Island that is mainly for thin models, but she is trying her best to change that. Marta will be blogging for Curvy Girl on a Budget letting us know everything that is happening in the Plus Size community from fashion to events in Puerto Rico.

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