Does the word “FAT”offend you?

How many women have been told something that they think is offensive, have been mocked or laughed at for some reason? Surely it has happened to a lot of us once in a while. I am talking about when women are called "fat", many celebrities are fighting back these days when they are body shamed for not being a size 0, kudos for them. I personally use the word fuller figured, or curvy, when I refer to a person who is not thin or simply by their name. Here are 4 reasons why you should not let the word "fat" affect you in your life.

1. Because it is the truth, your are not thin. Accept it, look in a mirror and stop feeling ugly. We can also be beautiful at any size, no matter what others say.

2 . Because "fat" is just an adjective that describes like "thin", "brunette," "beautiful", "intelligent" and "talented" among others. 3.- Many people love talking about others and bully them … Although they also have several adjectives that make them less "beautiful" in the eyes of society.

3- Because although there are men who say that "they would never have a chubby girlfriend", however there are many more who love a large women with curves and women who have them. And finally, but not the least important:

4- Because you were born to be happy, not perfect. Perfection does not exist. These beautiful women who are entrepreneurs are not size zero and love themselves just the way they are ..

Nayaska Yamirahlyx- "I am comfortable with my body in all its weight variations…The comments of others do not affect me. It's however I feel. Everything is all about perspective and self-esteem.

Jovanna Reyes- "Fat" is a word I always hated to be called when I was younger. I felt it was all my relatives would see. They did not see the great student or my ability to paint. They saw my fat. Now that I am older and I embraced it, it brings me joy. It is a source of comfort to them and to me. Depending on the settings, if a stranger says it, I'm fine with it too. For the most part, they say it with an affinity for the larger woman. If I feel it is somehow hateful, I ignore it. I keep it moving so nobody takes my joy away.

Delmarie Rodríguez- “As I have matured it has made me understand that we must take what people say depending on who says it. The word "fat" sounds offensive, but depending on the person says it, is how I can take it. Personally I do mind that word, but said in diminutive, does not seem offensive to me. "Llenita" or "Curvy" are words that do not seem offensive to describe me. I know I will never be a thin woman and I am just fine with that.”

Karla Nohely-”Well I do not get offended by the word "Fat" … my parents and my boyfriend call me fat in an affectionate way and I like it! Although there are people who use the word "Fat" for offending, I no longer take it into account. Before I felt bad … but when I understood that nobody is perfect, I started loving myself. I have a friend from Costa Rica, and she tells me that where she lives the “gorditas” are known as beautiful! For me the word “Fat” means, Woman with much love to give.” NEVER let the word "fat" dominate your life, and lower your self-esteem. Remember you are beautiful no matter what size you are…..and that is a FACT!!

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Marta Rivera is a blogger from Puerto Rico, she is an English professor and a Plus Size advocate on the Island, an Island that is mainly for thin models, but she is trying her best to change that. Marta will be blogging for Curvy Girl on a Budget letting us know everything that is happening in the Plus Size community from fashion to events in Puerto Rico.

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