Turning your Passion into your Future!

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Prudential and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

I was so excited to hear that Hispanicize was coming to Texas this year, I did attend the one in Miami a few years ago and had a blast. So when I heard Hispanicize was coming  here I was so happy and couldn’t wait to attend. Thankfully for Prudential they sponsored a few influencer’s to attend and i’m  grateful I was one of them. The moment I entered the event I saw everyone walking around already networking . You can really see Prudentials presence at the event once you walked in.I learned so much at the Hispanicize event, about being an entrepreneur and going for your dreams no matter what. But also planning for them any way you can and saving up for whats important. I learned to take my passion and run with it.

The whole day was so inspiring and got me off my booty to work that much harder for what I want in life and always be prepared. After partaking in the wonderful networking breakfast in the morning, I headed to the Prudential lounge to check it out.

First thing I saw was the dream board they had up, where you can post your dreams and passions.  It took me a minute to really think about what I wanted for me and to stick it on the board. Seeing everyone’s dreams on there really put some things in perspective for me and pushed me to pursue my passion even more. Which is the help people save money on everything in life. Show them how they can budget everything and save more by planning everything out and saving. 

First and foremost I want to get my finances in order so I can achieve some of my dreams and practice what I preach to others about saving money. I’m not going to lie it’s been a while since I checked my credit score or any past debits I may have incurred when I was younger. I do not keep track of my finances like I should. 

What I learned in the panel that Prudential had with the Hispanicize team, was that you need to budget for your family then your business. Say no, I know it’s so hard in this day in age of everything being at our fingertips like instagram or facebook with links to buy things with a touch of a button. But saying no will help you get on the right track and save you some needed moolah!  This photo is a group of entrepreneurs who inspired me at the event , Candy from Candypolooza,  Dorinda Walker and Mario yearwood from Prudenital and Manny Ruiz Founder of Hispanicize.

I’ve had to learn that the hard way and say no to using my credit card as much and use it only for emergencies. Spend only one what you need not for what you want right now. The panel was full of entrepreneurs like Cristy Clavijo-Kish, Elayna Fernandez, Eddie Garcia and Mario Yearwood who spoke about the importance of saving and paying your debt off completely. If you want to learn how to look into your finances and who can help you check out this awesome link that helped me.

Here is a video of the panel and some of the valuable things that I learned.

This is some of the things that stood out at me at the panel.
1: To be successful you have to think you are already there.
2: Envision yourself where you want to be in life. 
3: Stay the course you are in, alot of people are not going to like you. 
4: Recognize your potential
5: Budget for your business and your personal life
6: Be passionate about what you do!!
This one was a biggie for me because I find myself losing all passion for what I do at times. I put my dreams on hold and beat myself over fear of failure.
My takeaway from this whole event was to go for your dreams, budget it into your lifestyle and make a plan where in a couple years you can be doing what you are truly passionate about. 

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Does the word “FAT”offend you?

How many women have been told something that they think is offensive, have been mocked or laughed at for some reason? Surely it has happened to a lot of us once in a while. I am talking about when women are called "fat", many celebrities are fighting back these days when they are body shamed for not being a size 0, kudos for them. I personally use the word fuller figured, or curvy, when I refer to a person who is not thin or simply by their name. Here are 4 reasons why you should not let the word "fat" affect you in your life.

1. Because it is the truth, your are not thin. Accept it, look in a mirror and stop feeling ugly. We can also be beautiful at any size, no matter what others say.

2 . Because "fat" is just an adjective that describes like "thin", "brunette," "beautiful", "intelligent" and "talented" among others. 3.- Many people love talking about others and bully them … Although they also have several adjectives that make them less "beautiful" in the eyes of society.

3- Because although there are men who say that "they would never have a chubby girlfriend", however there are many more who love a large women with curves and women who have them. And finally, but not the least important:

4- Because you were born to be happy, not perfect. Perfection does not exist. These beautiful women who are entrepreneurs are not size zero and love themselves just the way they are ..

Nayaska Yamirahlyx- "I am comfortable with my body in all its weight variations…The comments of others do not affect me. It's however I feel. Everything is all about perspective and self-esteem.

Jovanna Reyes- "Fat" is a word I always hated to be called when I was younger. I felt it was all my relatives would see. They did not see the great student or my ability to paint. They saw my fat. Now that I am older and I embraced it, it brings me joy. It is a source of comfort to them and to me. Depending on the settings, if a stranger says it, I'm fine with it too. For the most part, they say it with an affinity for the larger woman. If I feel it is somehow hateful, I ignore it. I keep it moving so nobody takes my joy away.

Delmarie Rodríguez- “As I have matured it has made me understand that we must take what people say depending on who says it. The word "fat" sounds offensive, but depending on the person says it, is how I can take it. Personally I do mind that word, but said in diminutive, does not seem offensive to me. "Llenita" or "Curvy" are words that do not seem offensive to describe me. I know I will never be a thin woman and I am just fine with that.”

Karla Nohely-”Well I do not get offended by the word "Fat" … my parents and my boyfriend call me fat in an affectionate way and I like it! Although there are people who use the word "Fat" for offending, I no longer take it into account. Before I felt bad … but when I understood that nobody is perfect, I started loving myself. I have a friend from Costa Rica, and she tells me that where she lives the “gorditas” are known as beautiful! For me the word “Fat” means, Woman with much love to give.” NEVER let the word "fat" dominate your life, and lower your self-esteem. Remember you are beautiful no matter what size you are…..and that is a FACT!!

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Hard Candy Launches two new Fragrances!

Eau de Parfum and Body Mists
Inspired by a Blend of Memories, Trendiness and Fun

(New York, NY – July 2017) – Hard Candy, the wildly successful cosmetic brand sold exclusively at Walmart, reveals the launch of its signature fragrance and body mist.  Hard Candy Eau De Parfum, is available in two refreshing new scents – Pink and Black – for women inspired by the energy and confidence of the edgy and flirtatious Hard Candy girl.  The fresh, fruit and floral scents epitomizes the fashion forward women searching for a scent to match her exuberant personality.

A mood boosting blend of fresh fruits and elegant musks, the Hard Candy fragrances and mists unveil top notes of fruit, mid notes of floral and lower notes that embody sweet flavors.  The bottle’s presence is a striking black and pink matte shell, a gorgeous complement to any vanity.    

PINK (Fragrance and Body Mist)
Hard Candy Pink Eau de Parfum Fragrance Spray for Women, 1.7 fl oz
Hard Candy Pink Fragrance Body Mist for Women, 8.0 fl oz
Hard Candy Pink Gift Set (includes a fragrance, mist and a lipstick)
A fashionable fragrance that evokes freshness and warmth. 
Exhilarate your senses with this romantic, floral musk that leaves an endless trail of beautiful scent. 
Top Notes – California Tangerine and Pink Passion Fruit
Mid Notes – Fluffy Pink Peony and Sheer Jasmine
Lower Notes – Vanilla Sugar and Sensual Musk
BLACK (Fragrance and Mist)
Hard Candy Black Eau de Parfum Fragrance Spray for Women, 1.7 fl oz
Hard Candy Black Fragrance Body Mist for Women, 8.0 fl oz
Hard Candy Black Gift Set (includes a fragrance, mist and a lipstick)
A fashionable fragrance that evokes a cool sophistication of sweet scents.  Exhilarate your senses with this scents that offers an endless trail of floral, fruit and sugared notes. 
Top Notes – Lush Kiwi and Juicy Mango
Mid Notes – Quince Blossom and Vanilla Absolute
Lower Notes – Sugared Iris and Warm Amber
The Hard Candy woman now has a complete wardrobe of cosmetics, fragrance and optical frames to round out her trendsetting lifestyle.
Hard Candy Pink Eau de Parfum Fragrance Spray 1.7 fl oz, $12.99
Hard Candy Pink Fragrance Body Mist 8.0 fl oz, $6.99

Hard Candy Black Eau de Parfum Fragrance Spray 1.7 fl oz, $12.99
Hard Candy Black Fragrance Body Mist 8.0 fl oz, $6.99

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Are you Perfect?


Many people think that one body type is the ideal one and that others are not good enough.The fashion industry and the media sometimes contribute to this and so do some of us. No one is perfect, perfection does not exist and that is a fact! There are a lot of stereotypes and standards that women are subjected to everyday, but the question of how their bodies should look like is certainly one of the most important ones.


The most popular expectation for women concerning their bodies is to be thin, toned and in proportion. But if we want women to be truly equal, the image of the ideal female body needs to be widened. We should recognize that women come in all shapes and sizes, encourage body positivity and get rid of the unhealthy fixation over women’s bodies. Fortunately, things have changed.


The media is demonstrating that having body fat now seems to be the trend. People are starting to simply accept larger sizes in Magazines, Campaigns, Runways and so on. This, most definitely, is an encouraging development. Can we talk about photoshop?… that is one of my pet peeves. Many models no matter what size get so much photoshop in one way or another to try to look “perfect”. They’re shown in advertisements, not in their natural form, but edited to where the shape of their body is actually changed to look thinner, or have bigger lips,no cellulite among other things.


I love what Editor and Chief of Style and Curve Magazine Lyz Lupo is doing showcasing models in their natural form. Models that women can relate to. So… you are not “perfect” but you are beautiful just the way you are, accepting and loving your virtues and flaws. Having that self-confidence that when you walk into a room everyone just has to look your way.


Women who embrace their bodies with confidence work against the damage done by society. Remember…

“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.” Lao Tzu

Photography. Rudilenia Martinez

Catwalk Fashion Model


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Spotlight Designer: Jockabed Soto Muñiz

Who doesn’t love to own a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry? I found an amazing Jewelry Designer named Jockabed Soto Muñiz from Puerto Rico owner of Soleils Kreations, she was born in Aguadilla PR and has a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology(2000) with a Medical Technology certification(2007).


She has been designing jewelry for more than 15 years, at first it was a hobby and personal enjoyment, but the passion for design was so strong that it turned into a professional career. After a metals craftsmanship course with designer Denise Elizabeth in PR she refined her skills and gave her passion an expression outlet. Being the daughter of a Master Model Maker of the jewelry industry and the niece of an art teacher she likes to think that she has been bestowed with generational passion and skills.


As a jeweler her approach is unconventional. Her creations are made to be a wearable pieces of art, unique and exquisite, no creations are alike. Most of her creations are inspired by the Amoeba her distinctive patterns and rare shapes are captivating and translate into beautiful designs. Another of this designers many inspirations takes the form of a puzzle pieces, she has a personal attachment to this expression, they remind her of her son and all the kids that struggle with autism.


As unique as each puzzle piece is so are each and every one of these kids, it makes Soto proud as a mother to wear these pieces because it gives her the opportunity to educate people about autism and let them know how special each one is. Soleils Kreations was created 12 years ago with the birth of her beautiful daughter Soleil. “”She is my best collaborator, friend and assistant.

ss4Our logo is an original design by her.” Soleils Kreation’s collections of distinctive handcrafted designer jewelry include beautiful one of a kind pieces designed to set the wearer apart from the crowd.


Whether classic, contemporary, rustic or bohemian, each piece is unique, meticulously handcrafted and made from top quality materials. Her designs also include unique clutch purses, makeup bags and bandanas. She owns an Etsy store where you can find the beautiful designs and in PR they can be found at Artesanias 203 in Calle San Justo in Old San Juan. Check out her creations here…. https://www.facebook.com/soleilskreations/

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