Love, Lace and Curves!

February is one of my favorite months of the year, love is in the air. Flowers, candy, red hearts and romance, those are some of the things that Valentine’s Day is about and let’s not forget beautiful lingerie.

prmodel                                                                                                             Model: Nadia Cohen

Although it can be stressful for some Full Figured Ladies, not feeling comfortable wearing these garments because there are plenty of reminders of how women “should” look in lingerie, such as… being thin, busty, and flat-stomached. Most of us do not look like models, but this doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy feeling hot in a sexy bra and a cute pair of lace underwear.

prmodelana         Model: Ana Garcia

Everyone deserves to feel great in their own skin. Be brave, don’t hide and get a little bit closer to loving your body and accepting your size, you need to put yourself on display (even if it’s just in front of the mirror) do it for you! I asked some gentlemen if they thought that a curvy woman could look beautiful in lingerie and these are some responses…

Fernando Ferreiro “Not only they can; lingerie looks sexier on their bodies.”

Matt Gotowchikow “Curvy women can DEFINITELY wear lingerie, and totally look sexy!!”

Carlos Sanchez “ Curvy women wearing lingerie is sexy and appealing.”

prmodeleva                                                                                                             Model: Eva Maria Perez Llano

So you see it is not the end of the world if you are not on the thinner side to buy and wear lingerie. Look at these beautiful Plus Size Models, from different parts of the world, who are role models for many women because they can relate to them…

prmodeloModel :Rebecca BuckmanWinters 

 These curvy beauties love their bodies, looking confident and feeling sexy in lingerie showing the world that you don’t have to be a size 0 to look and feel sexy in lingerie and I must say that I have talked to thin models and to my surprise some have told me that modeling lingerie is a bit intimidating for them.



 Remember CONFIDENCE is sexy, don’t hesitate to push up, point out or highlight what you love about your body, and with this said…I wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!

“There is beauty in all of us which is impenetrable, regardless of our appearance.”
Boudoir Divas
A special thanks to Boudoir Divas for our Cover pic… Model- Sondra Jo Holtz

 Photography for Nadia Cohen- Nicole Lebris, Lingerie: Lane Bryant

Photography for Ana Garcia-Vanessa Velez- Lingerie: Blossom Boutique

Photography for Eva Maria Perez Llano -Miguel Civantos Lingerie-H&M

Photography for Rebecca Buckman Winters – Stanley DeBas Lingerie-, Curvy Kate
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Marta Rivera is a blogger from Puerto Rico, she is an English professor and a Plus Size advocate on the Island, an Island that is mainly for thin models, but she is trying her best to change that. Marta will be blogging for Curvy Girl on a Budget letting us know everything that is happening in the Plus Size community from fashion to events in Puerto Rico.

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